What Clients Are Saying About Nutrition Warriors™:

I’m totally excited about the way I feel – no more bloated feeling, I sleep all night without waking up, my clothes fit better. I feel better about myself! Thank you, all of you, for the humor and support on this journey.
— Lisa, Hormone Reset Program
I would highly recommend Kim as a holistic health healer. She is highly knowledgeable in Functional Nutrition, as well as meditation and other whole-person approaches to health. As a yoga teacher, I personally recommend Kim to my yoga students for health and nutrition.
— Janice Sherman, private student, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
I feel much better. I got on the scale and hooray! I have lost weight!!
— Renee, Stunning and Strong Program
Hi, my name is Jodi Lawrence, and I’ve participated in several of Kim’s detox programs. I really enjoyed meeting people from all over the country and seeing how we were all challenged to change our food habits. Kim not only taught us, she participated with us, and encouraged us the entire program. It wasn’t just about losing weight but changing old habits to create new ones. Kim’s program not only helped me to change my eating habits but also helped with my mind and soul. She challenged me to dig deep within myself to figure out what made me create the habits I had. Everyday there was an encouraging quote to keep me going. Asking us questions and explaining what we were doing, always with a smile, and encouraging us to keep going no matter how hard it got. I looked forward to our daily videos from her. Kim was always positive and encouraging no matter how frustrated I got. If I couldn’t follow a day because of a craving or two, she would encourage me to start again the next day. I am pleased with the results I got and would join another one of her groups.
— Jodi Lawrence, Stunning and Strong Program
Love all your posts and words of encouragement… All your posts have been real helpful in a very positive way.
— Kris, Stunning and Strong Program
I really enjoyed it [The Perfect Health Program] and it helped me make better food choices.
— Kathy, Perfect Health Program
Finally, happiness. This was unexpected. I’m happy. I’m at peace; I’m myself, my true self, and I have more to give to my children and grandson. My perception of self has been altered forever for the better. None of this was promised to me. But it was given to me, on purpose. Kim has a vision and a means for delivering this information because she concentrates on the soul and mind to help forever alter the body and our behavior. She never promised true happiness, but yet this was achieved.
— Danielle, Stunning and Strong Program