The Great Herb Shatavari, Awaken and Rejuvenate the Reproductive Organs

Shatavari - Asparagus racemosus

Shatavari is one of the prime rejuvenating herbal medicines in Ayurveda.

 The name translates to "she who possesses 100 husbands", referring to the herbs rejuvanitive effect upon the female reproductive organs.  It is also effective in a number of other systems of the body and is therefore of use to both men and women.

Proven qualities: Protects stomach lining Heals duodenal ulcers Enhances immunity Blocks carcinogens Detoxifying aphrodisiac

Reduces uterine spasm Opens airways ease alcohol withdrawal diarrhea and constipation infertility Stabilizes blood sugar It is commonly recommended for women who are having menstrual problems,

particularly when irritability and mood swings are prominent.

Its cooling influence may also benefit women as they have  hot flashes going through menopause.

Shatavari is beneficial in cooling off an irritated digestive system as expressed by heartburn, diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome. It can also be helpful to soothe irritation in the urinary tract.

Men may benefit from the herb as well in the treatment of impotence.


Are you interested in improving your health?

Today, doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major contributing factor to most illnesses ( 70  to 90 percent of illness caused by stress.)  Our bodies and minds react to it by shifting out of balance, which ultimately creates physical challenges and emotional turbulence that impact our lives at home, at work, and at play. In time, we can find ourselves in toxic relationships and non-nourishing patterns of eating, sleeping, and digestion. The Perfect Health program will help you identify the imbalances in your life, teach you how to correct them, and help you develop a nurturing daily routine. You will also learn to release emotions in a healthy way so that they don’t build up in your physiology. Most importantly, as your stress is eliminated, your mind and body begin to function with maximum effectiveness, creating health, vitality and happiness.

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What are the benefits of Perfect Health?

By practicing the techniques learned in the Perfect Health program, you will be able to:

•  Reduce stress

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•  Improve your digestion and sleep patterns

•  Release emotional toxicity

•  Create optimal daily nutrition

•  Lower your blood pressure

Your Skin is Your Largest Organ, So Treat it Right!


Today I was in the mall with my daughter and I decided to finally check out the store Lush. If you are unfamiliar with them like I was, Lush is  an all natural body product store, they do not use animal testing, all products are handmade, and only use fresh organic produce. Once I entered the store and saw how they use all the herbs that I recommend for aroma and massage therapy,  I knew I was in the right spot.  This gem of a store  has amazing products  and the people that work there are knowledgable and honest.  The aromas made my nose happy  and skin soaked up the moisture in the creamy lotions.   The body lotions can be found for every skin type and condition. The names of the products sounded like an ice cream store. Dream Cream has oat milk, lavender and chamomile to soothe and moisturize irritated skin. The products have a clean smelling, there are no heavy perfume smells since it is natural. The  Fresh Face Mask looked like dips for a party . The masks all refrigerated and last about 6 days since they are fresh. To  help keep my face looking youthful I tried the Ayesha mask.   It feels great on my skin and we will see if there are any noticeable results.

For teens there is  Cupcake, a chocolate mask for deep cleaning and calming to the skin. Some of the cleanser and masks look like they could be eaten. Since  our  skin  absorbs  into your system everything we put on it, you should be able to eat it as well. ( yuck I would not want to eat some of the things I have put on my skin) For a great relaxing night the Bath melts or Bath Bombs could make a regular bath into a top notch spa experience with great aroma therapy just add candles and music . An interesting product that they have is Toothy tabs, I have not tried it but it could be a great all natural alternative to the regular toothpaste. For all the people looking for natural deodorant, they have that too. They carry a powder  and also a bar. The sales person said she uses them both and it works great. I will test that out when I work out next in the 80 degree temperatures.

Lush seems to be a great way to take care of your skin with all natural ingredients and not make it yourself.

Have you tried their products?

Transform Your Life for a Healthier You


Why is it we try the same thing and expect different results?  We take jobs that are just like the one we left  and hope that it will be different. We leave relationships that are not good only to repeat the same mistakes with someone new. Have you  ever tried to go on a diet and it not work for you or gain it all back?

Over the past year I have been taking classes and reading a lot about transforming your life for a healthier and happier you.

A wise spiritual leader Ramana Maharshi  wrote  “Wanting to reform the world without discovering one's true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.”   Ramana's wisdom tells us that we must first know ourselves and make the change in us and the world will also change.  We can not change others but we can change how we deal with situations or other people. Once we know ourselves transformation begins and our true self and health will be reveled.

So how is this done?  I can help you sleep better, have more energy, live happier and healthier and it won't take you a year.

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”  another great quote from  Ramana. I will teach you the  foods to eat that  your body wants and how to release past emotions so that you can move on to happier relationships.  It has been taught by the Greeks and Aristotle that food is your medicine, but if the body is not healthy the healthiest of foods will do no good if the body can not digest it and use it as nourishment.  This is not a diet it is a life change that you can also teach others to improve their lives. The reward is you will have nourishing relationships, healthier mind and body, you will also take off the extra weight.

I teach 5 classes or can do one on one consultations to help you make this the year,  you improve your career, your health and personal life.

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