How to Live Healthier

How to Live Healthier

Nutrition Warriors People look for quick solutions to problems that have bothered them for months or even years. Life style changes will eliminate most problems and health will be once again restored. Just by adding meditation to you day can lower you cotrisol levels (stress hormones) and blood pressure. Improve immune function and more restful sleep.  Yoga also has many healing benefits as well.

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Nutrition Warriors Nutrition Consulting

Have you been to the doctor for health problems and they can't seem to help you? The only remedies that seem to be offered is medication. It's time to find your underlying problem and start healing your body. I work to balance the body through diet as well as lifestyle and environment. My goal is to help you achieve permanent positive changes that cultivate optimal whole body wellness. By getting to the root cause of symptoms through functional testing, and improving the processing of the nutrients you consume, you will enable your body to heal in the natural way it was meant to. Food has been used to heal for centuries with the belief that food is our medicine and our medicine is our food. Somewhere along the line, this has been forgotten. Our body is an amazing machine with an innate intelligence that wants to be well! If we feed it the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals we can live a long, and more importantly, a healthy life.

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Welcome to Nutrition Warriors

Sometimes nutrition information can leave you confused. Nutrition  Warriors makes nutrition easy for everyone to understand and will help you find everyday foods that will help you feel better.Most social events are centered around food and many of us stress over what should we eat or serve. Cooking should be fun and nutritious. I would like to help make eating an enjoyable and healthy experience for the entire family on a budget. Sometimes small changes can lead to big rewards. I hope to pass on diet tips, nutrition information made, quick and easy recipes, and a postive attitude.

Life is a journey, enjoy it!

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