20 Secrets of Very Fit People

20 Secrets of Very Fit People
  • Look at exercise as a pleasure and a privilege, not a burden or chore. Think positively about the changes regular exercise will produce. Rather than obsessing about your next meal, get excited about your next workout!
  • Focus on short-term fitness goals with an emphasis on completing daily exercise.
  • Work to take your exercise to new levels of intensity.
  • Make it your goal to do some form of exercise 6 or 7 days a week. If some days you exercise once in the morning and once in the evening, even better! If you're eating right, exercise will fuel your energy level!
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Your Skin is Your Largest Organ, So Treat it Right!


Today I was in the mall with my daughter and I decided to finally check out the store Lush. If you are unfamiliar with them like I was, Lush is  an all natural body product store, they do not use animal testing, all products are handmade, and only use fresh organic produce. Once I entered the store and saw how they use all the herbs that I recommend for aroma and massage therapy,  I knew I was in the right spot.  This gem of a store  has amazing products  and the people that work there are knowledgable and honest.  The aromas made my nose happy  and skin soaked up the moisture in the creamy lotions.   The body lotions can be found for every skin type and condition. The names of the products sounded like an ice cream store. Dream Cream has oat milk, lavender and chamomile to soothe and moisturize irritated skin. The products have a clean smelling, there are no heavy perfume smells since it is natural. The  Fresh Face Mask looked like dips for a party . The masks all refrigerated and last about 6 days since they are fresh. To  help keep my face looking youthful I tried the Ayesha mask.   It feels great on my skin and we will see if there are any noticeable results.

For teens there is  Cupcake, a chocolate mask for deep cleaning and calming to the skin. Some of the cleanser and masks look like they could be eaten. Since  our  skin  absorbs  into your system everything we put on it, you should be able to eat it as well. ( yuck I would not want to eat some of the things I have put on my skin) For a great relaxing night the Bath melts or Bath Bombs could make a regular bath into a top notch spa experience with great aroma therapy just add candles and music . An interesting product that they have is Toothy tabs, I have not tried it but it could be a great all natural alternative to the regular toothpaste. For all the people looking for natural deodorant, they have that too. They carry a powder  and also a bar. The sales person said she uses them both and it works great. I will test that out when I work out next in the 80 degree temperatures.

Lush seems to be a great way to take care of your skin with all natural ingredients and not make it yourself.

Have you tried their products?

Free Introduction to Ayurveda

 Ayurvedic Lifestyle Class

Have you ever wondered what is Ayurveda  and how can meditation improve your health?

Then this class is for you!

meditation girl

We will cover

 Perfect Health

Principles of Ayurveda

Proper nutrition and digestion

Healthy eating

Conscious communication

Balancing your body and mind

Wednesday  November  6

7:00—9 PM

Or Friday  November 8

10 AM to  noon


15605 Hayden Lake Place

San Diego

RSVP to Kim  by November




Coconut Water

Everyone is drinking coconut water! So what is all the hype about ?

Coconut water is the liquid that sloshes around inside the coconut. Many people drink it as a post workout drink. It has 15 times the potassium as the leading sports drinks, with no dyes, no fat and no added sugar just all natural goodness.Coconut water has the same electrolytes as your blood. Coconut water is about 45 - 60  calories per cup.

How is coconut water made? Coconut water is the clear liquid that comes from young coconuts.  As the coconut ages, that water morphs into the white coconut meat that's often pressed to produce coconut milk or oil.

So how does it stack up. Some studies found that the best rehydration occurred with with those that drank coconut water and sports drinks over water.   Many nutritionist believe that  people that  exercise for only an hour   really don't need an electrolyte replacement drink, all they need to rehydrate with water. Coconut water is a healthy option, thanks to its content of potassium, vitamin C, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

Have you tried coconut water , what do you think?

Muscle cramps slowing you down from working out?


Speed recovery and decrease muscle cramping from working out. Muscle cramps are no reward for your hard work out. So to avoid those nasty leg cramps try a few of my tips. Avoid caffeine. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels and decreases circulation in muscles. Potassium helps your body break down carbohydrates and build muscle.

Eat foods High in Potassium like: Swiss Chard- it has 27 percent of you daily value and is only 35 calories per serving. Great way to eat it is raw in a salad or lightly saute in a pan with olive oil, garlic and crush red pepper. Lima Beans- it also is 27 percent of your daily value. It has 216 calories per serving. Potatoes and Yams are also great sources at 26 percent of the daily value and only 160 calories. Spinach is 23.9  percent of the daily value with only 41 calories Papaya is 22 percent   of the daily value with 119 calories Pinto beans  21 percent of the daily value and is 245 calories Lentils   pack 20 percent of the daily value and are 230 calories Kidney beans  also pack 20 percent of the daily value and are 225 calories per serving.

These foods may make  great sit down meal  but, no one is walking around the gym eating their spinach salad with papaya dressing while working out. Besides juicing, the easiest ways to  consume extra potassium on the go would be -

grab a handful of dried fruit

a glass of tomato juice, citrus juice, or milk

a slice of melon, banana, or an orange

 Drinking  plenty of water will also  help flush the waste product from your muscles  and improve circulation.


World's Healthiest Foods

Guest Blogger Chris Gay

Today I will have a guest blogger, Chris Gay.chris Gay

http://www.chrisjgay.com http://chrisgay.wordpress.com

Chris  is a freelance writer, (including this national humor piece for Writer's Digest) broadcaster, voice-over artist and actor. Just published in December was his theological, paranormal thriller novel Ghost of a Chance.  He has written three humor books: And That's the Way It Was...Give or TakeA Daily Dose Of My Radio Writings, Shouldn’t Ice Cold Beer be FrozenMy 365 Random Thoughts To Improve Your Life Not One Iota, and The Bachelor Cookbook: Edible Meals with a Side of Sarcasm. ( Summer 2013)


July National Clean Beach Awareness Month

2013 marks the tenth anniversary of Clean Beaches Week, (CBW) which is celebrated July 1st through 7th each year. The festivities focus on four primary initiatives,* with those being Food, Recreation, Travel and Environment.

10 Ways to Live in the Moment


Seagulls, reclusive Midwesterners and the agoraphobic aside, I think we all can appreciate the beauty and serenity of a nice, clean beach. It’s in that spirit that we’ll take a closer look at what the Clean Beaches Coalition is promoting through those very initiatives. Let’s start in some particular order:


Food: Healthy eating is encouraged during CBW, with the spotlight focused squarely on seafood. While it’s unquestionably an integral part of a proper, well-balanced diet, (And sure to make oceanfront restaurants happy) the only seafood you’ll see me eating are Pepperidge Farm pizza-flavored goldfish and the occasional order of fried clams at some New England fair or another. But then, not everything is about me.



Recreation: What better way to celebrate CBW than with a beach activity? Ocean-based fun includes fishing (Which can also be a great workout; though generally more so for the fish) and surfing. For those who prefer their beach time with less action and drying salt-water, there’s walking and reading. (Though the risk of a paper cut from the latter cannot be entirely ruled-out.)


Travel: In a number obtained from the Connecticut Fictitious Statistics Bureau (Est. 6.26.2013, 8:56a.m. EST) more visits are made to the beach annually than to the …well, it’s not my blog, so let’s let the rest of that joke go. At any rate, what’s being showcased here is energy conservation. So if you’re going to the beach, please walk, bicycle, carpool or teleport there. (If you have the technology.) Also, be sure to engage in “green activities.” Which I can only guess means things like playing beach bocce with forest or olive drab-colored balls.


Environment: Other than Tiger sharks, no one likes to see litter at the shore. (And they can’t even reach the trash on the sand, anyway. Or…can they?) Moving along, the 4th of July holiday is the biggest one spent at the beach annually, and it (I’m guessing not coincidentally) falls squarely in the middle of CBW. Look, those garbage cans you see sprinkled all along the sandy landscape aren’t the abandoned works of lazy sculptors; they’re there for use at your disposal. (Get it? I love double entendres. But I digress.)


The reality is that regardless of which beach you frequent, all people have to do to greatly enhance the experience for everyone, is to simply maintain respect for others and clean up after themselves. It’s easy, really.


Thanks so much for your time and attention. Now, go enjoy the beach!


*Information referenced on CBW from the Clean Beaches Coalition and cleanbeaches.com


Artwork by Amanda Dagneau