Tools and Knowledge to Help You Be Successful

Nutrition Warriors™ provides the tools and knowledge to help you be successful. Success and happiness is not measured in financial or materialistic possessions alone. In Nutrition Warriors™ Stunning and Strong Program, you take a deeper look at the areas of life, health, wellbeing, relationships, success and personal growth that may have you stuck.  You will find the solution that will support the body, mind and spirit and ultimately bring you more happiness, success, confidence and the know-how to take your life to the next level in all key areas.

You will explore the foods and tools necessary for the growth that supports an optimal lifestyle.  Think of your health as an avocado tree. The tree is planted into fertile soil and needs sunshine, water and the right nutrition to grow. However the ground needs the proper tools prepare the fertile soil and optimal atmosphere to ensure the trees success. Next the tree needs time, it take 9 to 18 months for an avocado to grow. 

With patience and your attention it will reward you in with avocados in return. If the tree is neglected or lack nutrients it will not bear fruit.  The avocado tree is like your body it needs to be fed the correct nutrients and live in an environment that promotes growth.  Nutrition Warriors™ Stunning and Strong Program gives you the knowledge to help your body perform at it’s optimal level.

Your body wants to be healthy, it has the ability to regenerate itself with proper nutrients.  Your outer layer of skin replaces itself every 35 days.  You regenerate your liver every six weeks (a human liver can regenerate itself completely even when it has only 25% remaining). 

Your stomach lining replaces itself every four days, and the stomach cells that come into contact with digesting food are replaced every five minutes.  Your entire skeletal structures are regenerated every three months.  Your brain replaces itself every two months.  And the human body, right down to the last atom, is replaced every five to seven years.  You are literally not the same person you used to be five years ago. This is why healing our bodies takes time and patience

Food is meant to enhance your body and awaken it’s innate ability to heal itself.  Knowledge and information are meant to improve your health. Meditation is meant to enrich your soul. The Stunning and Strong Program is meant to clean your system of unhealthy habits, weight, relationships and you will develop a heathy lifestyle that supports your whole being, you will feel restored and refreshed. 

Stunning and Strong combines the wisdom of the Eastern healing arts with modern Western medicine, it is a total mind-body healing experience. You will tune in to your body, finding wholeness, balance and vibrant health. You may feel this is unachievable in our busy, stressful, toxic world, however with the support and guidance from Nutrition Warriors ™ you will achieve success.  

Don’t make a resolution that you won’t keep! Start a lifestyle change that will be uplifting, keep you motivated and transform you.  Start the New Year with Nutrition Warriors™ and make 2016 your sweet sixteen.