Starting My 21 Day Detox


I was tired, clogged, and bloated!  Does that sound familiar? I decided it was time to try  a detox and  get an internal tune-up. I reasearched many programs and it was down to The Clean Gut and  Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ program. I choose the 21 Day Ultimate Reset. A detox will   flush toxins and heavy metals from your vital organs and rejuvenate your digestive tract . Ultimate reset balances the acline levels and is a vegan diet.

I ordered my kit and read all the materials and watched the dvd's then went grocery shopping and started my journey. They suggest starting on a Wednesday since day 3 - 5 can be very hard for some people. ( detoxing  gives your insides the greatest workout and can leave  you feeling irratable with flu like symptoms  ) I started on Monday that way I would feel better for the weekend.

The detox helps  establish healthy new habits of good nutrition and hydration.   It helps eliminate dependencies on sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

Day 1

I was hungry all day. Not sure if it was  psychological or if I was really hungry.  The food on the plan is was a good variety and taste good.

Day 2

I wanted coffee  to make the headache go away.

Day 3

Felt great all day then I work up at 1:30 AM with a wicked  headache. Since I could not sleep,  I got up and did breathing techniques and meditation.

Day 4

Worst days of detox almost over.  Headache still.  Since I am used to working out, I have been walking  and doing Pilates  during the program, they recommend light exercise.

I keep reminding myself that I will  have more energy and an efficient digestive system at the end of this program.  When the body is running clean it can  extract more nourishment from the food you eat.