Your Skin is Your Largest Organ, So Treat it Right!


Today I was in the mall with my daughter and I decided to finally check out the store Lush. If you are unfamiliar with them like I was, Lush is  an all natural body product store, they do not use animal testing, all products are handmade, and only use fresh organic produce. Once I entered the store and saw how they use all the herbs that I recommend for aroma and massage therapy,  I knew I was in the right spot.  This gem of a store  has amazing products  and the people that work there are knowledgable and honest.  The aromas made my nose happy  and skin soaked up the moisture in the creamy lotions.   The body lotions can be found for every skin type and condition. The names of the products sounded like an ice cream store. Dream Cream has oat milk, lavender and chamomile to soothe and moisturize irritated skin. The products have a clean smelling, there are no heavy perfume smells since it is natural. The  Fresh Face Mask looked like dips for a party . The masks all refrigerated and last about 6 days since they are fresh. To  help keep my face looking youthful I tried the Ayesha mask.   It feels great on my skin and we will see if there are any noticeable results.

For teens there is  Cupcake, a chocolate mask for deep cleaning and calming to the skin. Some of the cleanser and masks look like they could be eaten. Since  our  skin  absorbs  into your system everything we put on it, you should be able to eat it as well. ( yuck I would not want to eat some of the things I have put on my skin) For a great relaxing night the Bath melts or Bath Bombs could make a regular bath into a top notch spa experience with great aroma therapy just add candles and music . An interesting product that they have is Toothy tabs, I have not tried it but it could be a great all natural alternative to the regular toothpaste. For all the people looking for natural deodorant, they have that too. They carry a powder  and also a bar. The sales person said she uses them both and it works great. I will test that out when I work out next in the 80 degree temperatures.

Lush seems to be a great way to take care of your skin with all natural ingredients and not make it yourself.

Have you tried their products?