How to deal with an ear infection

Kids and colds equal ear infections

If you have a child in daycare and they are under the age of three ear infections are common. Three out of four children have a least one ear infections before the age three.  The great news:  Most children grow out of it by age three when the eustachian tubes become larger and the  adenoids are smaller and able to keep the infection in check .

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Daycare Kids average a cold a month during the winter in the daycare setting. The ear infection is not contagious, but the cold virus is. Allergies clog the tubes Pacifier or lying down while feeding can also increase the chances of and infection. Liquid can go into the tube and into the middle ear. Second handsmoke

Large adenoids

Flying with a cold

sinus infection Spitting up a lot may also be a risk for an infection

Do This

Warm compress will relieve the pain

Hyland or Boiron homeopathic earache tablets. Take every 15 minutes for the first hour then less for the next 24 hours until the pain

Viamin C zinc and beta-carotene grape seed extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory

Add plums, strawberries and raspberries to your diet. These foods xylitol which prevents viruses and bacteria from migrating up the nose. xylitol gum or vitamins with xylitol

1 teaspoon of fish oil a day will cut the need of antibiotics by 12 percent.

Take a pro biotic to lessen the yeast growth in the body

Have allergy testing done. Many studies have linked food allergies to ear infections.

Have the adenoids removed

Go to the chiropractor for adjustments for the spine and neck.

USANA has great children vitamins, probiotics,  Biomega Jr, vita min C

Make sure before doing any treatment that you consult a doctor. If the eardrum is not intact damage to the ear may effect hearing.

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