Lower Your Sodium Levels Naturally

Many people suffer from high sodium levels.Sodium is needed but high levels can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney damage.

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Foods that  will help balance your sodium levels are potassium rich such as;




Lima beans


Baked Potato with Skins

Follow the DASH diet ( Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) it is a low fat and low calorie diet that is rich in potassium , magnesium and calcium. The diet should have no more than 1500 mg of sodium a day. An easy way to start is by eliminate processed foods to reduce sodium levels. Also eat at home as much as possible and make homemade meals without adding salt.

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Flavor your foods with spices. Spices are natures own natural medicine. Spices increase metabolism so it help the body detox, burn more calories and excrete sodium faster. Spices can add more flavor to food so there is no need for salt. Great spices that add heat are





Fresh salsa - Use as a topping instead of a condiment like tartar sauce or a butter sauce

Exercise helps the body sweat out extra sodium. Drinking water also dilute the sodium levels. Another great benefit of potassium is that it helps reduce muscle cramps when you exercise.

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Source Mayo Clicic