Best Foods to Eat for Healthy Nails


Dry brittle nails can be a result of a deficiency in iron. Foods that are rich in iron are eggs, spinach and fortified cereals. If you pair them up with Vitamin C rich foods such as citrus, bell peppers, and tomatoes it will help the body absorb the iron.

A folate deficiency can make the nails look dull. Great foods that contain folate are lentils, beans and spinach

For brittle flaking nails include more fatty acids in your diet to moisturize the nail beds. 2 Tablespoons of flax-seed oil or flax-seeds is an easy addition to your diet.

For strong hard nails eat about 6 ounces of protein like salmon, mackerel, lean meat, roast turkey, pork loin and cornish hens. The protein helps make keratin. Keratin is what helps make the nails strong. Great ways to eat these foods smoothies or juicing fortified cereal with strawberries an omelette with green and red peppers. For an extra kick and some salsa spinach salad with tomatoes

Your finger nails can tell a doctor a lot about your overall heath. Many illness can be found by inspecting a persons fingers.

The answers to your health problems could be found at the  tip of your fingers.

Mayo clinic has some good pictures of nail conditions and the health issues that it could be caused by


Readers Digest July 2013

Mayo Clinic