Floral scents can help you sleep better and catch a few extra z's

I love the smell of fresh flowers. Flowers can freshen a room with color and light fresh aromas.


Is great for light sleepers. The scent will help you experience deeper REM cycles. Put the flowers in a vase or plant the Jasminum polyanthum ( the vine like plant) outside of your bedroom window and let the aroma sooth you to sleep.


This plant has amazing effects on sleep and stress.   The flowery aroma slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. People with insomnia  that sprinkled lavender oil on the sheets found that they slept better and woke up feeling refreshed.


This is one of my favorite flowers. The sweet scent soothes uneasy sleepers. It is also used to help manage anger and impatience.

These are great scents to incorporate into your home.  Weather it is used fresh or in an oil or candles. These soothing smells can help everyone sleep better and feel at ease.