Good posture improves your health


posture chart

Good posture is important as we age. Stand up tall, pull you shoulders back and most importantly move your head so that your ears are inline with your shoulders. The human head weighs about eight percent of the total body mass — with every inch the head moves forward, its weight doubles and the muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper back are forced to contract excessively to support the head in the strained position. When the muscles are overworked, pain, fatigue and poor digestion are a few side effects.

In a recent study from San Francisco State University, students were told to either walk down a hall in a slouched position or to skip. The slouchers reported increased feelings of depression and lower energy than skippers.

How to  fix your posture. Get yourself assessed by a professional — your MD or a chiropractor. It’s hard to change something when you’re not aware of it. These specialists will be able to assess the problem areas and implement techniques on how to get better posture.