An easy Easter vegetable pizza

Great way to get the kids to eat vegetables, Easter Egg Veggie PizzaKids will enjoy helping assemble the pizza.

This Easter have fun decorating an Easter Egg Veggie Pizza

Decorating Easter eggs was always one of my favorite activities at Easter. I enjoy it so much, that even after all my nieces and nephews got too old to want to partake in the activity, I invited friends with small kids over to do so. Of course those kids got older too, so it has been a few years since I’ve decorated an Easter egg. This year, I at least decorated some food to look like an Easter Egg.

I went to the grocery store last week to buy the ingredients to make my Carrot Shaped Veggie Pizzas and right next to the broccoli was purple cauliflower. I had never seen purple cauliflower and just couldn’t pass it up. Immediately I envisioned a veggie pizza decorated to look like an Easter Egg using a rainbow of colorful vegetables. Easter eggs can be decorated any way you like using a few or a lot of different colors. The design I chose incorporated the purple cauliflower, orange and yellow peppers, green celery, and some orange carrots. You, of course can decorate your Easter Egg Veggie Pizzas any way you like using your favorite vegetables.

You may even get non-vegetable loving kids or adults to eat this pizza. I haven’t eaten cauliflower in many, oh, so many years, and thought I’d pick it off this pizza before eating it. I really just bought it because it was purple, but found it palatable mixed with the other veggies and was surprised that I did indeed eat it.

Easter Egg Veggie Pizza (makes 1 pizza)


a dusting of flour 1 sheet puff pastry, thawed according to package instructions 8 ounce tub of vegetable cream cheese veggies of your choice, finely chopped optional, 2 tablespoon heavy cream or egg wash (egg mixed with a bit of water)

Supplies Needed:

cutting board rolling pin parchment paper lined baking sheet pizza wheel or knife fork optional, pastry brush


Just a note: I should have set a piece of parchment paper on top of my cutting board before proceeding, but didn’t. I would recommend it, as it will be easier to move your egg to the baking sheet. Dust your cutting board (or parchment paper) with flour. Un-fold puff pastry sheet and set on cutting board (or parchment paper.) Sprinkle some flour over top of dough. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough so that it increases in length to 13″ long. Use a pizza wheel or knife to cut a large egg shape out of the dough.

Move your egg to a parchment paper lined baking sheet. This is where it would have been easier to have it on the paper already. Use a fork to prick holes all over the dough. Optional: brush heavy cream or egg wash over the entire egg. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 400 degrees. Bake egg for 18-22 minutes until golden brown (longer if you like it really dark.) Allow to cool completely.

Spread veggie cream cheese over crust. Decorate with vegetables and serve. You can refrigerate your pizza for a few hours or up to two days.

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