What to do with the pulp from juicing?


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Juicing has become very popular.  It is used to slim down, detoxify or just be healthier, more Americans are buying juicers. Some want to boost their fresh-produce consumption in a time-efficient, taste bud-friendly way. Others are going on a multi day juice cleanse, a diet composed of solely fruit and vegetable juice, to jump-start weight loss or a lifestyle change.

I just started juicing everyday and it bothers me that after I get done putting all my organic vegetables in my juicer I am left with a container full of fiber rich pulp.  I have a problem with just throwing that into my compost pile.  I thought that there had to be another way to use this healthy  pulp that would also make it more cost effective and for my family to get the nutrition from these great foods.   Here are some ideas on how to use your juicer pulp in healthy everyday recipes!

Add into any baked good recipe.  Cookies or in a cake .  Add your carrots to your oatmeal raisin cookies and it will give extra moisture and a great taste. Make a spice cake and add you extra pulp. Add any veggie pulp into a dip, soup or sauce.  Add it to your guacamole.

If you juice berries or fruit it can be added to your pancake batter. Use fruit pulp, especially berries, in homemade frozen fruit pops.   Add the pulp to lemon aide and pour into Popsicle trays. This will make a great summer time treat.  Or take your kids favorite yogurt and add some fruit pulp. I like to use Greek yogurt for the added protein and no sugar added. You can add agave to sweeten if desired. Put in regular ice trays and freeze or just eat

The  pulp can also be added into meatballs, meatloaf or burgers patties to give it some moisture and a change in flavor. Carrot and apple work well.

Making a chili, stew or soup ?   Add your pulp. Kale, carrots, and celery are great additions.

Add vegetable pulp to a pot of water and make your own vegetable broth. Add it to your lasagna and spaghetti. Mix it right into the tomato sauce for  a chunky sauce or add it to your layers in your lasagna.  Kale, spinach, celery and carrots are great choices.

In cooking school we added  left over diced vegetables to the rolls or biscuits and called them garden rolls. This is an easier way and everyone always loves the different twist to a warm favorite.    Add some celery, onion, garlic or spinach pulp in with your bread,  muffin or biscuit recipe to give it added flavor!

Add to your scrambled eggs or omelet in the morning.

Make your own juicer pulp crackers. You can use a dehydrator or bake in the oven

A great addition to the crackers is

1 block of cream cheese + 1 bowl of veggie pulp = delicious spread for sandwiches or crackers

Spread it onto a tortilla and roll it up. Experiment with  some herbs or garlic or some other thing to spice it up a bit.

Make your own dog treats, and throw some pulp in.   Check out my dog biscuit recipe! Freeze your pulp in ice cube trays and add to your smoothies instead of ice. This works great with veggies and  fruit.

The ideas are endless once you start thinking about it.  Use your imagination and who knows what you will think up.

Please share with me if you have any great ways to use your left over pulp.