Help recover from holiday drinking

The holiday parties have begun and that usually means drinking. Everyone should drink responsibly and DO NOT drive after drinking. If you find that you have drank to much here are some helpful tips that might help you deal with the next day a bit easier. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a magnesium deficiency, Individuals with lower magnesium levels may experience a more severe hangover. (pumpkin seeds are very high in magnesium) Eat eggs the next morning, it help break down toxins in your liver and will also give you energy. Drink lots of water, before you drink while you are and after. Dehydration causes headaches and makes it harder for your body to dilute the toxins in your body. Drink one glass of water to every alcoholic drink, it will help space your drinks and keep you hydrated. Drink fruit juice to help rid the body of toxins and replenish vitamins. Vitamin C helps the liver to break down the alcohol, drink orange juice Eat foods high in potassium like a bananas, cantaloupe, papaya and carrots.