Foods that help Diabetes naturally

November is home to lots of awareness months: Diabetes, Lung Cancer, Family Caregiver, Alzheimer's Disease, Stomach Cancer, Hospice Palliative Care, COPD

Diabetes is a growing epidemic in the United States it started the same time soda and white bread were introduced. Type 2 diabetes is a diminished response to insulin. One in 4 Americans have pre -diabetes. It is estimates that diabetes will surpass cancer, becoming the #2 cause of death. # 1 reason is heart disease and 66 percent of diabetics have heart disease.

Bitter Melon

Eat Bitter Melon everyday it will naturally balance your blood sugar. Eat it raw twice a day. Ways to eat it is in a smoothie or in a salad. It can be frozen . Eating 1/2 a bitter melon a day will help regenerate the pancreas and even help type 1 diabetes.  Catution : Bitter melon can cause hypoglycemia similar to insulin injections or tablets. Eat Coconut Oil Eating the right fats are important. Fat does not make you fat! Eat hemp seed, walnuts, chia seeds and flax seed. All of these healthy fats will help your cells.

Cinnamon Drink cinnamon tea every morning. ( two sicks soaked in hot water for 30 min.) It helps stabilize sugar levels by increasing insulin receptors and increases the cells ability to use glucose. Swiss Chard The stems are blood sugar stabalizers. It helps carbs not to be broken down into sugar so the blood sugar levels stay more normal. Cucumbers Improves the function of insulin. It will increase energy levels and balance blood sugar levels. Eat the skins that is where the most nutrients are found. Buy organic or grow them in your own garden. Eat 1 cucumber a day.

Eat low glycemic foods like beans, lentils, hummus, curries, and avoid sweets dairy and carbs.

Stevia is a great great alternative for sugar. It is all natural and zero calories. Diabetics can use it since the body does not process it like a sugar.



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