Goji Berry

An amazing Superfood

Contains 18 amino acids 21 minerals  beta carotene and vitamin C also 4 grams of fiber

It is like a cross between a cranberry and a cherry.

Chinese medicine uses the Goji berry for fertility, longevity, boost the immune system and increase sexual fluids.

People with lung or eye conditions should eat the berries for the high beta carotene.

A great way to eat them is by adding them to a smoothie, add to hot cereal or make goji milk.

Goji milk

handful of Goji berries in a blender with 8 oz. of distilled water . For an extra kick add some ginger.

1 cup is packed full of energy and 8 grams of protein.

Great for Breakfast

raw oats, almond slices,apple slices, flaked coconut, Goji berries and moisten with pomegranate juice.

Goji berries are not listed in the USDA data base of food so the exact make up of them has not been identified. A lot has been published about the berries curing cancer, lowering insulin levels, shrink tumors and much more.  But the claims are not strong enough to be supported.   The berry is full of nutrients no doubt.

If it is good enough for Dalia Lama then it is good enough for me.