Feel The Drift

When we allow ourselves to feel our feelings, what should be intolerable becomes intolerable.

— Kenny Loggins

In an experiment, scientists placed a group of frogs in a tub of water and heated the water. As the water became hot quickly, the frogs jumped out. In another experiment, the scientists put frogs in a similar tub and increased the heat by a few degrees each day. Daily, the frogs adap

ted and stayed in the pond until they died. Through grad–ually adjusting to an unnatural environment, they lost their sensitivity to pain and paid a dear price. This phenomenon is called “drift. ”

We consider it admirable to be well adjusted, but the real question is: “Well adjusted to whatV If you are well adjusted to pain, conflict, and poverty thinking, you are not well adjusted at all. If, however, you are well adjusted to listening to your inner voice and acting on it, you are well ad–justed, indeed.

We drift spiritually when we accept things that hurt us for so long that we lose our ability to feel pain. While pain is not our natural state or our destiny, and we are certainly not meant to live in pain, pain is the signal that we must make a change. We cannot afford to lose our ability to hear that signal.

To avoid drift, begin to tell the truth about your experience. If you let yourself feel your feelings, you will discover valuable messages that will guide you to be in your right place with the right people at the right time. Many people have told me they had a bad intuition about being in a re–lationship with someone or entering into a particular business venture, but they overrode their gut feelings and regretted it later. Your body will speak to you. Your gut may say, “Yes! ” or “Not for you, ” and it is up to you to hear and act on the voice of love and wisdom within you; it is your best friend.

Show me the way to my good. Help me hear Your guidance and act on it.

My heart always knows.

A Deep Breath Breath of Life, Alan Cohen