Lose Fat Not Muscle

When you gain back the extra pounds after dieting it also comes back with more fat and less muscle than you had before. But eating more protein and adding weight barring exercises to your regiment can help preserve your muscles. Not only will the resistant training help burn more calories and shed off the extra pounds; but it will also help you keep off the weight for the long term. While dieting, your protein intake in grams should be half your weight in pounds. So a 200 pound person should eat 100 grams of protein.

Great protein sources are

 1. Fish (tuna, salmon)

2. Soy ( edamame, soy milk and soy-based yogurt, soy burgers, and soy protein powdered drink mixes.)

3. Skin-less, white-meat poultry ( chicken and turkey)

4. Lean beef (including tenderloin, sirloin, eye of round) Grass fed

5. Skim or low-fat milk products ( yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, and milk) Chocolate milk makes a great post workout drink

6. almonds

7. Lentils

8. Eggs

9. Lean pork (tenderloin)

10. Beans