Fun Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs Recipe

This is such a cute twist on deviled eggs

Fun Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs Recipe

Serves: 24 Ingredients 2 dozen eggs your choice of type of mustard Mayonnaise or use yogurt if you like Sweet pickle relish Celery Salt Paprika Part of a can of black olives and carrot slivers Instructions Hard boil a couple dozen eggs (or adjust for the size of the group to feed). I always put them in cold water after boiling and then put in the fridge for at least 10 minutes - makes them easier to peel.

Mix together the mustard, mayonnaise, pickle relish, and celery salt. Taste and adjust as needed. Sprinkle some paprika on last. The pickle relish is my secret ingredient and makes them very flavorful - really - try it.

Cut the Tops off the eggs and stuff with mixture. Use black olive pieces for eyes and small slivers of carrot for a nose. Stick the top back on at an angle like a hat to make the eggs look like chicks

Photo courtesy of Ruth Andrews

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