Chicken Tortilla Wrap


1 pound Chicken strips 1 Avocado 1 onion 1 cup cilantro 2 limes

2 cups of spinach 1/4 cup greek yogurt 1  tomato whole wheat tortillas  ( I like to use Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortillas) 3 tablespoon Mexican spices 3 tablespoon hot sauce.

Marinate chicken with spices and hot sauce and oil oil let sit for an hour. Cook chicken  4 min each side or till no longer pink in the center In small bowl add chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro,avocado and juice of one lime with salt and pepper. M ix together

Add chicken mixture  greek yogurt, spinach, avocado mixture,  and hot sauce to tortilla and fold  closed. Add extra lime as garnish