Eating this means exercising for how long?

Next time you go to grab a quick snack you might want to think about a healthy option like fruit or nuts instead.  Some foods just are not worth the amount of exercise that it takes to burn it off.  You don't have to give up your favorite afternoon treat, look for a  low-calorie options like a skinny latte (120 calories) instead for example. If you eat this food, this is how long it will take  to burn it off for the average person.

Five Guys Fries regular portion

9 oz. 620 calories




1 hour 35 minutes at

9 mph bicycling



Margarita in a pint glass

550 calories



Downhill Ski

1 hour and 15 minutes




Small movie popcorn

portion 6 cups    410 calories


Low impact aerobics  for

1 hour 15 minutes




Starbucks Latte with whipped cream

venti 20 oz  410 calories


Jogging 50 minutes





Panera Chocolate Chipper Cookie

1 cookie 3 oz. 440 calories


Brisk walk at 3.5 mph for

1 hour 30 min




Starbucks banana bread

4 oz.  490 calories

Swimming laps for

1 hour 15 minutes