March is National Kidney Awareness Month

Your kidneys filter your blood,  remove wastes and  extra water from your body.

Great kidney friendly foods but also great for the family and everyday.


Promotes lung , digestive, heart health. High in fiber and anti-inflammatory properties, reduce cholesterol.


Promotes brain health, reduces inflammation and is loaded with vitamin C and fiber. Is one the strongest antioxidants.  Helps reduces urinary tract infections


High in vitamin K, C and fiber. Low in potassium. Promotes digestive health, it helps heal ulcers. Lower woman's  risk of breast cancer and


Helps protect the bladder from infection also protect the stomach from ulcers and cancer


Helps your liver neutralize toxins that can damage cells. Muscle building and promotes sleep


Reduces inflammation when eaten daily.

Egg Whites

Pure protein, with less phosphorus than other proteins like meat. Promotes thyroid functions, brain, heart, and eye  health.


A great high quality  protein, and ant-inflammatory


Helps prevent plaque from forming on your teeth and decreases inflammation.  Lowers blood pressure and insulin levels.

Olive Oil

Great anti-inflammatory


Low in potassium, helps reduce heart disease. Promotes  lowering of  blood sugar levels. Great food for colon health. Promotes immune health and inflammatory balance.


Reduces inflammation, packed with fiber and vitamin C

Red Bell Peppers

Cancer fighter, excellent source of fiber, vitamin C and A.  Helps maintain normal blood pressure.

Red Grapes

Helps blood flow by relaxing blood cells


Powerful antioxidants, great source of vitamin C and fiber.  Promotes brain and joint health.