Make your own Gluten free Play Clay


Most children like to play with clay, but the most common brands all contain wheat. Most homemade  recipes call for wheat flour. By Making your own it reduces cost and you can make it wheat free. Have fun making  your own gluten-free clay with your child and then spend countless hours  playing with it. And if your  mini Michael Angelo  is a clay eater ( as many are) , don't worry.


1/3 cup                 Margarine ( Gluten Free) or shortening

1/2 tsp                   Salt

1/3 cup                  Light corn syrup

1 tsp                        Vanilla extract (Gluten Free)

1 lb.                          Confectioner's sugar (Gluten Free)

Mix first 4 ingredients in a mixer. Then add powdered sugar. Knead until the dough is smooth, divide into portions and add natural food colors if desired. Store in airtight containers ( zip lock bags) and place in refrigerator to store to prevent spoiling.


2nd recipe

1/2 cup               Rice flour

1/2 cup               Corn Starch

1/2 cup               Salt

2 tsp                     Cream of tartar

1 cup                   Water

1 cup                   Cooking Oil

1 tsp                   Food  coloring

Combine all ingredients in a pot and cook over low heat until a ball forms.   Take it off the heat and  let it cool to touch.  Form into balls and store in an air tight container.