Foods That Help Build Muscle

As a rule, muscle mass declines with age, starting in the 40s and picking up speed after about age 50. Then the typical rate of muscle loss really begins to outpace the rate of muscle gain. Resistance exercise is a great way to increase lean muscle tissue and strength capacity.

  • Eggs are one of the best sources of protein that are available. They are inexpensive and are loaded with protein
  • Fish. One of the best sources of omega three fatty acids is fish. Fish is super lean and it is loaded with protein.Salmon is a great choice.
  • Lean beef red meats like lean ground beef are an excellent source of protein they are loaded with vitamin B12 zinc and iron all of which are important for accelerated muscle growth. Eat only in moderation 1 to 2 times a week.
  • Water drinking water is probably the single biggest thing people don’t do enough of. When you feel thirsty it’s already too late your body’s dehydrated. Make sure you drink lots of water in the morning because it will jump start your metabolism. Sip water during your workout. Drinking water with your meals and through the day will also keep you hydrated and help with muscle recovery. Your body holds water if you don't drink enough.
  •  Muscles grow when you rest, not when you workout. A  growth hormone releases when you sleep,it helps  build muscle. Aim for 8 hours sleep.
  • Spinach prevents muscle & bone loss