Oatmeal is a great warm food to start your day off right.  I like to add apples and cinnamon to mine.  It add more fiber a little sweetness and the cinnamon stabilizes sugar levels and enhances memory.  What a great way to start the day! Oatmeal is loaded with soluble fiber which causes a slow energy release, because it releases energy slowly, your metabolism is running at a steady pace  and is perfect for fat loss. It also helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and flush out bad fatty acids. Oatmeal can help prevent heart disease and colon cancer.

 Low calorie food; stops cravings.

A cup is only 130 calories!  It also stays in your stomach longer, making you feel full longer. So you will eat less

High in Fiber and protein , low in fat

 Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces risk of diabetes (type 2)

The high fiber and complex carbohydrates slow down the conversion of this whole food to simple sugars. The high levels of magnesium helps the body use of glucose and insulin.

 Removes your bad cholesterol

Gluten safe

I am gluten sensitive and have no problem with oatmeal.I purchase gluten free oats so that it is  packaged in a gluten free facility. Oats lack many of the prolamines (proteins) found in wheat (gluten).

 Contains lignans which protect against heart disease, failure and cancer

 a daily morning bowl of whole grain (but not refined) cereal  lowers risk of heart failure by over25%.

Enhances immune response to disease. The unique fiber in oatmeal called beta-gluten helps fight infection more quickly and  it also enhances their ability to eliminate the bacteria.