Great reasons to eat garlic

Garlic is great for many reasons it lowers your blood pressure, LDL cholesterol ( Bad Cholesterol), triglycerides,and  insulin levels. It may help promote weight loss and increases HDL cholesterol (Good Cholesterol) levels also  helps break up blood clots. Garlic helps protect against heart disease, reduces your  risk of having a heart attach and or  stroke. If that wasn't enough it  also reduces inflammation in asthma and arthritis so it reduces the pain as well. Garlic is known as a penicillin because of it's  antibacterial and antiviral power.  It helps against common cold, flu, stomach viruses, and Candida yeast. If eaten regularly a few times a week  it may help protect against colon cancer. Garlic is a great source of B6, magnesium, selenium, and vitamin C.  It is best eaten crushed and fresh but is still beneficial cooked or in a pill form.