Great ideas for Celebrating New Years Eve

New Years is a time for starting fresh by putting a year behind and starting with new hopes and goals for yourself. Make practical  goals for yourself and reflect back on all the accomplishments that you have  achieved  in the past year.

Great ways to welcome in the year 2012:

  • Count down the years end by having a neighborhood continental dinner . Start at one house for drinks then move on the next for appetizers, soup salad at another and so on. End the New Year with a toast and dessert. The great part is, everyone can walk home at the end of the night.
  • Have an appetizer and dessert party. Everyone likes bite  sized foods. The menu can be fancy or just simple.
  • A sit down diner matched with wine is a nice relaxing night of food and conversation.
  • Make all your family favorites and have a game night with the kids. Don't forget the sparkling apple cider to toast the New Year!
  • Snuggle with you sweetheart sitting by the fire ( or with a few good movies) and order take out or make a special meal together and relax and enjoy the night alone.
  • Get together with friends and dance the night away. Food, drinks, great music, and  friends make a wonderful way to kick up your heels,  bust a few moves and have a great night.
  • Invite a few friends over and have a pot luck  party. Have a theme to make it interesting:  fondue, salads, different cultures   (Italian, Greek) or desserts.
  • Go to bed early and get some much needed sleep. Start the new year fresh and well rested!

No matter what your plans are,  just have fun doing it!