Getting through the holiday parties

As your social calander fills up with events, your waist size doesn't have to increase with it. The stress of holiday shopping,  parties, and family can drive anyone crazy. Remember to slow down workout when you can and make good choices when you are out shopping and eating on the run. Don't stand next to the buffet table after you fix your plate, you will tend to eat more by going back for just one more serving. Socialize,  talking to other people will also make you eat less and slower. Get in some exercise and dance the night away. You could burn 300- 465 calories an hour with dancing and having a great time.

Drinking makes people hungry, so limit your drinking. It not only adds on the extra empty calories but makes you eat usually the higher fat and calorie foods. Good choices are wine, lite beer, clear alcohol ( vodka or gin) with club soda.

Chew on gum, it will give you fresh breath and you will be less likely to impulsively grab something extra to eat. 

Try not to think of the holidays as what you shouldn't eat, enjoy the holidays with your family and friends and after new years start back on a healthy routine again.