Work out with your dog.

Most dogs are incredibly competitive by nature, so they natutally make a great workout partner.  Have you heard of Doggy Boot Camp? It is a new and great way for  dog and owner to sneak in  fitness and obedience training. It  combines weight training, cardio training and dog training. Now you don't need to feel guilty not taking the dog for a walk while you hit the gym.

Run Together

Want a real cardiovascular challenge? Try and beat your dog at a run, so if you start running and, you can be guaranteed that he'll be speeding up to challenge you on.


Hiking is a great cardiovascular workout . Find a hilly path in your area, pack some high-energy snacks, and head out for three or four hours. An afternoon spent hiking is an easy way to burn off well over 1,000 calories .

Play tug-of-war

If your dog is in a playful mood. Get a rope of medium length and pass one end over to your dog. Instantly they know what to do with it