Animal Safety for the holidays

Ribbons, wrapping paper, ornaments, tinsel, extension cords, candles, and Christmas trees.  There are so many dangerous things for a house pet to get into. Safeguard your house by making sure your dog  can not get into dangerous items. Eating holiday decorations can cause signs ranging from mild depression to severe vomiting or diarrhea, depending upon whether or not the foreign matter can be passed in the stool or gets stuck along the way. Mistletoe can be very toxic to animals and you should seek veterinary immediately if your dog eats it. Chocolate can be toxic or even fatal to dogs and cats.

The toxicity of chocolate depends on the amount and type of chocolate ingested:

Potential Toxic Dose (44lb dog)

3 oz Unsweetened Cocoa

5 oz Baking Chocolate

7 oz Semisweet Chocolate

20 oz  Milk Chocolate

Make sure pets are given some "personal space" if they want to get away from the commotion. If necessary kennel the dog if your house is going to be  hectic for a gathering.  Make sure that you are getting out and still exercising with your pooch to get out that extra energy.